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해당되는 게시물 7건
작성일시 : 2008.04.23 21:16 | 분류 : Other Server | 태그 : privacy, system center operation manager

Microsoft로 데이터를 보낼래? 말래? 이런 구성이네요...^^
전 거의 쓸일이 없으니 패쑤~~~

  Database Grooming 
작성일시 : 2008.04.23 21:10 | 분류 : Other Server | 태그 : Database Grooming, system center operation manager

오 이런 좋은 기능이... Opsmgr의 DB는 무조건 커지는 것이 아니라 Database Grooming 이라는 기능을 통해 일정 시간이 지난 데이터는 삭제되게 된다.

  Management Group Settings (Alerts) 
작성일시 : 2008.04.23 21:03 | 분류 : Other Server | 태그 : Alerts, system center operation manager

Administration 을 통해 Management Group의 설정을 할 수 있습니다.
Using Administration, You can config the management group.


Alerts properties는 2개의 page로 이루어져 있다.
첫번째는 Alert Resolustion States 로 management 그룹의 alert resolution의 level를 정의하는데 사용된다. 이런 레벨은 조직의 지원 기준에 따라 정의 된다. 신규는 0으로 종결은 255로 이미 정의가 되어 있다. 그 사이의 값을 통해 조직의 resolution state를 정의할 수 있다.
만약 조직이 3개의 지원 레벨을 가지고 있다면 help desk에서 접수할 당시 시점을 0 해당 부서 연결은 2 문제 해결은 255 등으로 설정해 줄 수 있다.

또다른 Alert page는 Auto-Resolve Alerts다.
이 페이지에서는 Alert의 발생 및 해당 Alert이 해결 되기 까지의 시간을 정의 하고 있다.
특히 최초에 발생한 Alert의 경우 30일 이미 경험이 있는 Alert의 경우에는 7일로 기간이 정해져 있다.

  Exporting The Encryption Key 
작성일시 : 2008.04.22 18:18 | 분류 : Other Server | 태그 : backup Encryption Key, Exporting Encryption Key, system center operation manager

After install OpsMgr, You must Export the Encryption Key.
Only RMS can communcate with the database.
So to prevent RMS Failature we must backup the Encryption Key.

Copy SecureStorageBackup.exe to the installation directory for Operations Manager,
Also I recommend that copy SupportTools directory to the installation directory for Operations Manager.
.SecureStorageBackup.exe is included on the install media's SupportTools directory.

작성일시 : 2008.04.22 14:35 | 분류 : Other Server | 태그 : Requirement, system center operation manager, System Center Operation Manager 2007 Prerequisitie Viewer

You can check the prerequisities using "System Center Operation Manager 2007 Prerequisitie Viewer"


· Software Requirements for Root Management Server
  · .NET Framework 2.0
  · .NET Framework 3.0
  · Microsoft Core XML Services (MSXML) 6.0

· Software Requirements for Management Servers
  · .NET Framework 2.0
  · .NET Framework 3.0
  · Microsoft Core XML Services (MSXML) 6.0

· Software Requirements for Database Server
  · SQL Server 2005 with Service Pack 1

· Software Requirements for Gateway Server
  · .NET Framework 2.0
  · .NET Framework 3.0
  · Microsoft Core XML Services (MSXML) 6.0

· Software Requirements for Reporting Server
  · SQL Reporting Services with Service Pack 1
  · .NET Framework 3.0

· Software Requirements for Reporting Data Warehouse Server
  · SQL Server 2005 with Service Pack 1

· Software Requirements for Audit Collection Services Database
  · SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition

  Management Server Roles 
작성일시 : 2008.04.22 14:21 | 분류 : Other Server | 태그 : management server, RMS, system center operation manager

1. Root Management Server
The RMS is the coordinator for health. As other management servers receive data from monitors within the management group, the RMS is responsible for validating all of the health criteria for distributed applications and services.

The RMS has 2 windows services that other Management Servers have not – the configuration and sdk service. The configuration service is responsible for notifying management servers and agents that there are new configurations to be downloaded. The SDK service handles all console traffic, including the Web console.

2. Management Servers
Management Servers are responsible for communications with the agents that are loaded on the monitored systems.

  Server Roles 
작성일시 : 2008.04.22 13:29 | 분류 : Other Server | 태그 : Server Role, server roles, system center operation manager

Operation Manager is consist by many roles for scale - out construction.
If Operation Manager were consist by only 1 role. We will face the server performance and available problem.

Roles can be separated. But some roles is based on the other roles.

Server Roles
· Operational Database
· Root Management Server
· Management Server
· Gateway Server
· Operations Console
· Web Console
· Reporting Data Warehouse database
· Reporting Server
· Audit Collection Services database
· Audit Collection Services Collector
· Audit Collection Services Forwarder

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